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FAQ.  WIGSHOP.COM.AU female wigs, male wigs, fashion wigs, synthetic wigs and accessories

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How can I pay for my wig?
Is your online payment secure?
What happens after I pay for my wig online?
How long does it take to get my wig?
Can I return my wig?
How do I get tangles out of my wig?
How should I store my wig?


How can I pay for my wig:
You can pay for your wig by clicking the "Buy Now" button under your selected wig. This will take you to the Pay Pal secure site where you can use your credit card. You do not have to join PayPal.

Is your online payment secure:
We use Pay Pal's secure server. With more than 54 million customers worldwide, Pay Pal is among the most experienced and secure online credit card payment systems in the world.

What happens after I pay for my wig online:
Once you complete your online payment you will receive an email from Pay Pal, within minutes confirming your payment details. Our server will also receive notification from Pay Pal containing your delivery address and order details. We will pack your wig and it will be posted to you within 48 hours. We do not issue receipt of order as we post normally next day

How long does it take to get my wig:
Depending on your location, allow 1-3 days from from delivery to  post office. All wigs are sent express australia post 

Can I return my wig:
Please refer to our return policy for details.

How do I get tangles out of my wig:
To remove tangles from your wig, use a bristle brush. Start at the bottom of the wig and gently comb 20 to 30mm at a time working your way up the wig. For more details please refer to our wig care section.

How should I store my wig:
Storing wigs can be done in different ways. The best method is to place your wig on a wig stand. Alternatively you can gently fold the wig towards the inside and store it in a hair net. If you want to store your wig in a plastic bag, turn the wig inside out and gently fold the hair fibres inside the wig. Please see our wig care section for further details.